I was a big fan of the 1990s disney cartoon, Gargoyles. Here’s the main character, Goliath, just after breaking out of his daytime stone shell. Goliath is modelled after actor and all-around handsome man Idris Elba. I gave his belt and loincloth a bit more detail than was present in the cartoon.

Watercolour, pencil and ink on 9×12.


Goliath 8.5x11

At Home with Pale Man

More art based on the At Home with Monsters/Guillermo Del Toro exhibit held at the AGO in Toronto last year.

Pale Man here is pencil and ink on 9×12 paper. Lots of detail here. Sidenote, a photo I took of this piece is now my most popular instagram post of all time. Way to go, creepy demon that is a parable to white male dominance in today’s society!




I did this piece based on a Jessica Nigri cosplay because I love the costume (and Nigri herself is a pretty rad human). Jess not only approved of the image but shared it on her social media accounts, which is pretty much the best thing that can happen to an artist outside of buying the art.

Thanks Jessica! You rock!



D.Va from Overwatch

I wanted to take a swerve from the styles I’d been using and do an anime-inspired piece from the video game Overwatch. I’m *mostly* happy with the result, but I see some room for improvement so I’ll be revisiting the Overwatch world and their expansive cast of characters over the next six months.

pencil, ink, marker and watercolour on 9×12 paper.



Commission palooza!

I love working on commissions especially when they’re this much fun.

One of my regular clients wanted Peter Capaldi, famously known as the 12th Doctor on Doctor Who, as a character called the High Evolutionary in their alternate reality fan-fiction based on the Marvel Comics universe.

I think I really captured Capaldi’s personality in the first image, and a great mad scientist vibe in the second.

These are both watercolour and pencil on 9×12 paper, and as a friendly reminder you can commission your own work from me anytime. Just head on over to the contact info page.


Capaldi HEMad Science

Bird of Prey

This is definitely the year of more Space Art. In addition to this Bird of Prey from Star Trek, I am currently working on a large-scale painting of a Star Destroyer from Star Wars. I also have more new Star Trek pieces on deck for this year.

To infinity and beyond!

Watercolour pencils on 9×12 watercolour paper.


Bird of Prey