So this past October (shut up I know I haven’t updated in awhile – I’M BUSY OK?!?) I competed in the Inktober challenge, where artists like myself draw a different image in ink each of the 31 days of October. It’s a fun little ‘draw something new everyday’ art challenge that is supposed to spark creativity and get artists motivated to complete more projects.

I managed to complete about 28 of the 31 days, which is pretty good for a professional. I was for the most part happy with what I did, and I got a lot more quality art pieces out of the challenge than I thought I would. I even got to pay respect to two of my favourite musicians who sadly passed away during October.

Below you will find several of my pieces, but not all, because it’s my page and I can do what I like. I posted every image on my instagram account (@adamtupper – GO FOLLOW ME DAMMIT!) and you can find them all still there.

Overall I really enjoyed taking part in the challenge and I’m thinking of my own personal challenges that I can start and complete in 2018…if you have suggestions, by all means, make your voices heard.



Riverdale Kitties

Like so many of you, I too am a big fan of the CW’s modern soap-opera based on Archie Comics. At the request of a very lovely lady I know, I completed these Riverdale Kitties. They’re sold individually but you can mount them on your wall, garage or Pop’s Chock-lit-shoppe all together and form a poster.

Yes, Jughead is my favourite too.


FanExpo 2017!

Oh it’s that time of the year, the time when Canadian artists far and wide (and a bunch of Americans too) gather together at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in beautiful (okay I mean not all parts are beautiful but certainly parts of it are…look nevermind) downtown Toronto for the third largest pop-culture convention in North America (according to them anyway)…FAN EXPO!

This will be my 6th, yes SIXTH, time exhibiting at FanEx. It’s always been one of my favourite conventions for numerous reasons. Last year’s show was my most successful convention show EVER. So I’m definitely excited to see what this year brings.

For those of you who only see me at FanEx, there’s a TON of new stuff you can find at my booth (A343 fyi – near the food court). I have 22…yep you read that right…22 brand-new poster-sized prints for your eyeballs and wallets. Plus a plethora of brand-new 8.5×11 prints for you (WATERCOLOUR!!!!). Also this year’s special booth helping guest is American burlesque and cosplay superstar Dangrrr Doll, who is the coolest human ever born. I’m thrilled she’ll be with me and lots of fun will be had.

FanExpo 2017 starts Aug. 31 and runs to Sept. 3 and I’ll be there THE WHOLE TIME so stop by, buy some art, high-five myself and Dangrrr Doll and GET READY FOR AWESOME.




Dangrrr Doll – US-based cosplayer, burlesque producer/performer.

Ottawa ComicCon – PREVIEW

Hey Hey!

All this week and next I’ll be posting images of what you can find when you stop by booth 1314 at Ottawa ComicCon (May 12-14).

First up is POSTER PRINTS!

90% of the poster prints I’m bringing are BRAND-NEW to Ottawa shows. You do not want to miss out on the opportunity to get these.

$20 each or 3 for $50.


Ottawa ComicCon!

Oh it’s been 3 long years but I’m finally back at one of my favourite conventions, Ottawa ComicCon!

Happening May 12-14 at the EY Centre, Ottawa ComicCon is one of the biggest pop-culture events in Ontario. This year’s guests include Adam West, John Barrowman (swoon) and Peter Frikkin’ Capaldi (AKA the current Doctor Who).

This year I’m in the exhibitor area so I have a larger booth. This is very exciting! Lots of space to play with!

Here’s a list of the other exhibitors and artists (Notice who’s name is at the top of the exhibitors list? Oh yeah…I’m a big deal*) – EXHIBITORS

*I know my name goes first because of the alphabet. SHUT UP I’M COOL

For even more guest info and details head on over to and get the skinny. Do people still say “get the skinny”? Well I just did so yes they do.

See you soon!



Flash & Arrow

It’s a new Calvin and Hobbes piece!

Obviously based on the CW shows The Flash and Arrow, starring Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/Flash and Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/Arrow.

Infinite thanks to Bill Watterson for creating these characters.

I couldn’t decide between which versions to use so this piece comes in both coloured background and white.

Available NOW!


Flash & Arrow C&HFlash & Arrow C&H white bg


I’ve done art based on the Dark Lord of the Sith from Star Wars before…but definitely not like this.

The first Darth Vader piece I created was Hello Kitty related. The second was a photo-realistic design based on one of the Ottawa members of the 501st Legion (Star Wars cosplayers that create incredible film-accurate costumes). This time however I wanted to do my own version.

Like a lot of people I enjoyed Rogue One. Like a lot of people I really enjoyed the sequence at the end of the film featuring Darth Vader. I set out to do a piece that paid homage to that scene, but with more colour.

Vader was done on 10×15 watercolour paper with pencil, watercolour pencils and light acrylic touches.



Reduce Re-use Recycle

A while ago I did a post on the art of the revisit. I’m a fan of going back to old work and enhancing it, altering it or in some instances completely redoing it. One area of this that I’d not considered until recently was print manipulation.

In the process of selling your work via prints, many things happen. You may print more copies of a particular work than you’d like; you may have a printing error on a series of prints; or you may fall out of love with a particular print and want to remove it from your repertoire. This has occasionally left me with extra prints. Recently I revisited some prints using some of my new watercolouring skills.

Not only was I pleased with the results, but with each of these pieces I’ve decided to replace existing prints with these new coloured prints. Fans of my work can look forward to seeing them at Ottawa ComicCon in May.

It pays to revisit, folks!