World of MegCraft

I’d been gunning to do more work based on cosplayer/internet personality Meg Turney for about 2 years and finally found the right image and the time.

Based on a photograph taken by Martin Wong. I love how the background emulates the photo giving the forest a blurry reality.

Watercolour on 9×12.

World of MegCraft



Yeah I saw Deadpool 2. Yeah I dug it.

I decided to combine the original 4th wall-breaker with the new champion. Plus how great is that Elmer Fudd/Cable mash?

Watercolour and ink on 9×12.

Available for purchase – email me for details.


Cable Fudd & BugsPool


Hey look it’s more Alien art! It’s like I’m a fan of the films or something!

This piece is all watercolour. I really wanted to bring out the lighting in this piece and keep the creature bathed in darkness. I’m thrilled with the result, and so it seems is everyone else as I’ve gotten a lot of attention for this piece. Prints are forthcoming for it, which is great for you all because I sold the original!

Watercolour on 9×12.


Star Destroyer – FINAL

The Star Destroyer painting is complete! Acrylic paint on 22×28 canvas. Lots of time and effort went into this piece and I’m thrilled with the result. It’ll be coming with me to Ottawa ComicCon in May for showcase.

Included here are some close-up shots of the detail present within this piece.




I was a big fan of the 1990s disney cartoon, Gargoyles. Here’s the main character, Goliath, just after breaking out of his daytime stone shell. Goliath is modelled after actor and all-around handsome man Idris Elba. I gave his belt and loincloth a bit more detail than was present in the cartoon.

Watercolour, pencil and ink on 9×12.


Goliath 8.5x11