About the Artist

Adam Tupper has been producing art since he was 5. Growing up on a steady diet of cartoons and comic books have turned him into a pop-culture aficionado which has had more than a minor influence on his art.

Currently residing in Toronto, Adam has traveled all over Canada and the US showcasing his work. He describes his work as “Manic, but responsibly so.” His work falls primarily into four main categories; pinup art, mashup design, horror and what he calls ‘Geek Gallery’.

Influence strikes Adam most everywhere and anywhere, but his involvement with the geek and burlesque community affect him the most. He is also the owner and organizer behind Wonder Geeks Activate!, which has been producing geek-themed events since 2013; co-producer of the Ghoulesque Revue, a Toronto horror-themed burlesque show alongside Esther De Ville; co-creator of Error 404: Show Not Found, an Ottawa-based community tv series airing on Rogers 22; and occasional stage host/comedian/singer.


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