Big Bob’s Burgers fan here, thanks to them finally putting it on Netflix.

You either know exactly what this image is all about or have no clue.

Ink over pencil with watercolour on 9×12.




Why So Serious?

I’ve been obsessed with this image since 2008.

Now I’ve done my own version of it.

An homage to the poster from the film The Dark Knight, turning 10 years old this year.

We miss you, Heath Ledger.

Watercolour on 9×12 paper.



D.Va from Overwatch

I wanted to take a swerve from the styles I’d been using and do an anime-inspired piece from the video game Overwatch. I’m *mostly* happy with the result, but I see some room for improvement so I’ll be revisiting the Overwatch world and their expansive cast of characters over the next six months.

pencil, ink, marker and watercolour on 9×12 paper.