Commission palooza!

I love working on commissions especially when they’re this much fun.

One of my regular clients wanted Peter Capaldi, famously known as the 12th Doctor on Doctor Who, as a character called the High Evolutionary in their alternate reality fan-fiction based on the Marvel Comics universe.

I think I really captured Capaldi’s personality in the first image, and a great mad scientist vibe in the second.

These are both watercolour and pencil on 9×12 paper, and as a friendly reminder you can commission your own work from me anytime. Just head on over to the contact info page.


Capaldi HEMad Science

Bird of Prey

This is definitely the year of more Space Art. In addition to this Bird of Prey from Star Trek, I am currently working on a large-scale painting of a Star Destroyer from Star Wars. I also have more new Star Trek pieces on deck for this year.

To infinity and beyond!

Watercolour pencils on 9×12 watercolour paper.


Bird of Prey

New Year, New Batwoman

I’ve been trying to muster up the courage to do a new Batwoman piece since 2013. Back in 2012 I created this piece:

Batwoman Red

It came out exactly as envisioned. It was routinely lauded as one of the best pieces I’d ever done, and I tended to agree. I’ve done numerous art works since this piece, but I’ve been hesitant to tackle another Batwoman since I didn’t think I could top this one.

Finally, in mid 2017 I knew I had to re-do this piece. I lined up a model, and I knew the medium. I just had to find the right time. At the end of January 2018, I found the time…


I am thrilled with how well this piece came out. Plenty of detail, an enticing colour scheme and a great pose provided by Ottawa model/burlesque performer extraordinaire Randi Rouge equal a piece I feel tops the original Batwoman.

Now I just have to prepare myself to top this image in a few years…

(FYI Randi Rouge just started her own Patreon site – visit her here RANDI ROUGE PATREON)


At Home with Monsters

Last december I managed to check out the At Home With Monsters exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario here in Toronto. It contained items, artwork, sculptures, props and costumes from the personal collection of filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro, director of such films as Pacific Rim, Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy, Blade 2, Crimson Peak and his latest, The Shape of Water. It was such an inspiring and magical display of work. I’d planned on doing art based on my experience there and first out the of gate is this drawing of the Angel of Death. This inspired creation comes from the film Hellboy 2: The Golden Army.

I can practically guarantee there will be more art based on this fantastic exhibit as it continues to haunt my dreams in the most beautiful ways possible.

Pencil, Ink on 90 lb 9×12 art paper.


Angel of Death