So this past October (shut up I know I haven’t updated in awhile – I’M BUSY OK?!?) I competed in the Inktober challenge, where artists like myself draw a different image in ink each of the 31 days of October. It’s a fun little ‘draw something new everyday’ art challenge that is supposed to spark creativity and get artists motivated to complete more projects.

I managed to complete about 28 of the 31 days, which is pretty good for a professional. I was for the most part happy with what I did, and I got a lot more quality art pieces out of the challenge than I thought I would. I even got to pay respect to two of my favourite musicians who sadly passed away during October.

Below you will find several of my pieces, but not all, because it’s my page and I can do what I like. I posted every image on my instagram account (@adamtupper – GO FOLLOW ME DAMMIT!) and you can find them all still there.

Overall I really enjoyed taking part in the challenge and I’m thinking of my own personal challenges that I can start and complete in 2018…if you have suggestions, by all means, make your voices heard.