Ottawa ComicCon!

Oh it’s been 3 long years but I’m finally back at one of my favourite conventions, Ottawa ComicCon!

Happening May 12-14 at the EY Centre, Ottawa ComicCon is one of the biggest pop-culture events in Ontario. This year’s guests include Adam West, John Barrowman (swoon) and Peter Frikkin’ Capaldi (AKA the current Doctor Who).

This year I’m in the exhibitor area so I have a larger booth. This is very exciting! Lots of space to play with!

Here’s a list of the other exhibitors and artists (Notice who’s name is at the top of the exhibitors list? Oh yeah…I’m a big deal*) – EXHIBITORS

*I know my name goes first because of the alphabet. SHUT UP I’M COOL

For even more guest info and details head on over to and get the skinny. Do people still say “get the skinny”? Well I just did so yes they do.

See you soon!



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