Reduce Re-use Recycle

A while ago I did a post on the art of the revisit. I’m a fan of going back to old work and enhancing it, altering it or in some instances completely redoing it. One area of this that I’d not considered until recently was print manipulation.

In the process of selling your work via prints, many things happen. You may print more copies of a particular work than you’d like; you may have a printing error on a series of prints; or you may fall out of love with a particular print and want to remove it from your repertoire. This has occasionally left me with extra prints. Recently I revisited some prints using some of my new watercolouring skills.

Not only was I pleased with the results, but with each of these pieces I’ve decided to replace existing prints with these new coloured prints. Fans of my work can look forward to seeing them at Ottawa ComicCon in May.

It pays to revisit, folks!


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