I’ve done art based on the Dark Lord of the Sith from Star Wars before…but definitely not like this.

The first Darth Vader piece I created was Hello Kitty related. The second was a photo-realistic design based on one of the Ottawa members of the 501st Legion (Star Wars cosplayers that create incredible film-accurate costumes). This time however I wanted to do my own version.

Like a lot of people I enjoyed Rogue One. Like a lot of people I really enjoyed the sequence at the end of the film featuring Darth Vader. I set out to do a piece that paid homage to that scene, but with more colour.

Vader was done on 10×15 watercolour paper with pencil, watercolour pencils and light acrylic touches.



Reduce Re-use Recycle

A while ago I did a post on the art of the revisit. I’m a fan of going back to old work and enhancing it, altering it or in some instances completely redoing it. One area of this that I’d not considered until recently was print manipulation.

In the process of selling your work via prints, many things happen. You may print more copies of a particular work than you’d like; you may have a printing error on a series of prints; or you may fall out of love with a particular print and want to remove it from your repertoire. This has occasionally left me with extra prints. Recently I revisited some prints using some of my new watercolouring skills.

Not only was I pleased with the results, but with each of these pieces I’ve decided to replace existing prints with these new coloured prints. Fans of my work can look forward to seeing them at Ottawa ComicCon in May.

It pays to revisit, folks!


Randi and Rhapsody

These are two ladies who are near and dear to me. They also happen to be great muses. Here’s a little watercolour work based on them. Expect more art starring these two beauties throughout 2017.



Randi Rouge – Ottawa based model and burlesque performer.


Rhapsody Blue – Ottawa based burlesque performer, producer and model.

Toronto ComiCon!

Hey kids! Do you like nerdy things? Do you live in Toronto? Then join me and thousands of other folks at this year’s Toronto ComiCon, happening March 17-19 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre!

I’d go on and on about the booths, guests and activities but let’s face it, you’re only going there to see me anyway…

…I kid. But seriously, come to this.

TORONTO COMICON for tickets, info and whatnot.


Watercolour work


My in-laws gave me watercolour pencils this past christmas (which was funny because I was planning on buying some in January) so I’ve been putting them to use. These are the first three pieces I completed (that were worth showcasing…there were a few test pages that, well, aren’t worth much more than the paper they appear on).

Spidey is available as a print, Wolvie was more test than anything (but will probably be given as a gift) and Harley was to see how close I could emulate a photograph (and clearly the answer is very).

Expect a LOT more watercolour and watercolour mix work this year, and every year until I die. I LOVE WATERCOLOUR!!!



This piece was done for my awesome partner who produces and performs under the name Knox Harter. It was her birthday recently and I managed to surprise her.

Visit her online at She dances, acts, sings, choreographs, produces, writes, directs…jeeze and I thought I was talented!