Going Rogue with Vera Bambi

I met Vera Bambi back in 2013 when her and her photographer were next to me at FanExpo. They were pleasant and accommodating, especially since that year in particular was very chaotic at my booth. We became internet friends and ran into each other a few times at other conventions. I’d been telling her for years that she was due to get the artistic treatment and finally I made good on my promise.

Vera is a cosplayer and cam model and you can find her online at verabambi.com (also follow her on Instagram and Twitter if you aren’t already – you probably are because she’s quite popular).

I’ve included the pencil and full-colour versions here to see the difference in the look of each piece. I’ve made the pencil version available in 8×10 prints and the colours in 11×17. The original goes to the model (next time I’m able to track her down that is).


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