Whovian Surprise


So a few weeks ago I was sent a message from a friend of mine stating the above image had come across their Facebook page. They recognized that the art was based on my first Doctor Calvin piece (this one…)

Doctor Calvin

Doctor Calvin 2012

…and if I knew someone was selling these shirts.

I did not. So I messaged the company (www.whovianstore.com) to find out how they got this image since it is so very clearly my work. Unfortunately they did not get back to me via direct message or email. I of course was quite upset, as the shirt link was being shared thousands of times AND liked tens of thousands of times.

I got some of my friends to help me harangue the Whovian Facebook page and send them emails. I also sent my own emails, hoping that we could come to some sort of agreement. Days went by. No word. I was beginning to think I was just another victim in the long, storied history of artists being ripped off by bigger companies.

Lo and behold…I WAS WRONG!

The Whovian staff got back to me (informing me that my initial messages went into spam folders) and said they were send the image by a freelancer. Their legal team was investigating and they’d get back to me as soon as they’d done their due diligence. Less than a week later I was informed that the image was clearly mine and they would credit me AND pay me for my work (if I so desired – they offered to take the image down as well).

Needless to say, this is very rare in the world of art theft. To have a company recognize their error and credit the artist is certainly not the norm. I was shocked and still am.

The shirts/hoodies are still available over at the Whovian Store website for a limited time  so click on the above highlighted section to get yours, fully approved by this very happy artist.

2017 promises to bring more t-shirt designs to the fold so stay tuned for that as well.

Holiday miracles DO happen!