Commissions are OPEN!

It’s the time of the year when everyone is thinking about the holiday season. Some are caught up in the very real depression that comes along with it (not I but it’s real so I’m mentioning it)…some are consumed with getting the right christmas tree…some are sick and tired of having nothing to do on christmas day besides chinese food and movies because they don’t celebrate christmas…and some are contemplating skipping the holidays in their entirety and watching every Marvel film and television series back-to-back from Iron Man 1 all the way to Doctor Strange.

However a lot of people are thinking of gifts for their favourite humans and I’d like to suggest giving the gift of art this holiday season. First off, there are many pre-existing choices for you to peruse (check the galleries on this very site or head on over to for more). Secondly you can totally commission a piece which is even MORE awesome because it’s a one of a kind, unique piece that no one else will have! Included below are some examples of commissions I’ve gotten:

Commissions start around $90 and go up from there. They can be pencil, full colour, paint and appear on paper or canvas. Whatever your non-sexual art dreams are, I can make them a reality. HOWEVER YOU NEED TO ACT NOW!!! Come December 15th I won’t be taking any more commissions for the year so message me right away!

Make the holiday season brighter and less stressful (on both you AND me – sandwiches are expensive these days).



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