ETA Awards 2016

I’m super-thrilled to be exhibiting at the Emerging Toronto Artists awards this year!

Happening October 21st at District 28 in Toronto, The ETA Awards are about supporting local artists via events and showcases and also their presence within the city of Toronto.

This will be their third year running a gala event and I’m proud to join a group of amazing talent on the 21st.

For more info and tickets visit them online at

If you attend stop by my booth area and say hey (and buy some art!)



Perfect Organism

I’m a HUGE fan of the Aliens films (particularly the first two – ALIENS holds up as one of the best sci-fi films of all time AND one of the best action films ever made). I’ve drawn the xenomorph before (check out the Fancy Horror series in the links above) so this painting was a natural transition.

I’ve been told to make more work in this style so stay tuned for that in 2017. Maybe a Queen needs to join this warrior…or a Predator…or a Godzilla…

Acrylic on 18×24 canvas