Corpsewood – the LOST PAGES

Happy Halloween y’all!

Today we’re looking at the lost pages of Corpsewood, the horror comic by writer Chris Paugh I worked on back in 2007-2008. Although our story only ever got one issue, I completed art for another 10 page story. I penciled all 10 pages and managed to finish most of these 5 pages before I found out the plug was pulled on the project.

The second issue was to tell the tale of how our main character (still can’t remember his name) got arrested and broke out of prison. You see, he and his pregnant wife were vampire hunters that just moved. As they set up their new house, our hero leaves briefly. This is when his wife and unborn child are set upon by…ZOMBIE NAZIS! Our hero returns to find his wife and child are…well, you got eyes don’t ya?

FYI the baby was totally modelled after the Gerber baby, for those old enough to remember what that is.

I’m actually pretty happy with how the art and panelling was progressing for issue 2. I’m sad I didn’t get the chance to finish the story here. On the plus side I got to create a pregnant zombie image that I’ve used in future art pieces and is due to get painted next year.

Hopefully you have a safe and happy Halloween with zero encounters with actual pregnant zombies.


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