Knight Flight – Then and Now

Way back in 2012 I was still new to the world of painting. I hadn’t really gotten into finer painted detail work but I really enjoyed the size and scope of the results. Being a huge Batman fan (and having found some success with an earlier painting of the Dark Knight (that sold at FanExpo 2012) I took another stab at it. Here was the result:knight-flight

I was happy with it to be sure but as time passed and my skills as a painter grew I started to wonder if I could improve upon the piece. Earlier in 2016 I finally grabbed the painting and starting upgrading it. From that upgrade came this…


To me the difference between the pieces is night and day (no pun intended). The colours, paint lines and tone are vastly superior in the 2016 version. There’s still an undeniable charm in the 2012 version however there’s little contest when it comes to the version most people prefer.

I’ve always believed in revisiting old artworks as time and talent progresses. In fact I’m finishing a Wonder Woman piece now that is an upgraded version of the painting I did in 2011. I’ll be sure to post a comparison here once it is complete.

However you might feel about treading upon older works, it’s obvious that I have no issue here. I do believe the goal is show a progression and maturity to your work, and if you aren’t happy with the results from a previous piece, there’s no rule that says you have to leave well enough alone. For good or ill, George Lucas proved that to all of us.


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