Magnetic Personality

When I got back into drawing in 2002 after about 4 years off, I started with a bunch of X-Men (thanks to the films – one of the reasons I got back into the business of art). One of them was Magneto. I was rummaging through old pieces recently and decided to do an update of my favourite X-Villain.

I don’t do a lot of comic book-styled art but I’ve gotten a strong response every time I do (see – the Spider-Verse piece I did in 2015). I think I might start doing more traditional pencil/ink work if the response continues to warrant the work.

Magneto here is pencil, ink and marker on 8.5×11 cardstock.





Here’s a brand-new addition to my Super-Women series. Storm has always been one of my favourite X-Men. I gave her a new outfit based around some of her previous designs, and kept her bad-ass mohawk. I’ll probably end up doing a few more X-Women for this series given how much I enjoyed working on this one.