Arts Market!

Today I set up my display at one of the coolest places you could ever go, the Arts Market.

For those who don’t know, the Arts Market is a Toronto business where artists of all disciplines and mediums can display their work for sale and showcase in a retail setting. It is an amazing place filled with all manners of products, from greeting cards to photographs, hair bands to belts, soap to jams. There are three locations within Toronto and each one is packed to the gills with spectacular finds.

I’m very excited to have joined this community and I can’t wait for Arts Market customers to see the work I do.

If you live in Toronto head on over to 1114 Queen Street East (in the Leslieville area of the city) and check it out. Also you can walk by any number of film, tv programs and commercials that are regularly filming in that neighbourhood and try in vain to be Pedestrian #3.

Here’s some photos of my display. It will probably undergo regular upgrades as I can’t leave well enough alone.



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