Public Art Showcase

So if you’re wandering around the streets of Ottawa wondering “Where can I see really cool geeky artwork AND get a great meal at a great price” I have the answer for you.

Currently my work is up at two different restaurants within the Ottawa area. First is over at Café Nostalgica, which is on Cumberland St. over at the University of Ottawa. Batman and Cthulhu (the image above) along with some smaller canvases will watch you eat. Second is at Kinki Restaurant on York St. in the Market area. Come in to see my large Amazon piece or the ultra-awesome (and ultra expensive) Weapon X piece and stay for delicious sushi.

Kinki’s art will be up until May 1st while Nostalgica has my art on display until late May.


Tickets for the Wonder Geeks Activate! Presents The Pan-Galactic Showcase are now available ONLINE! Oh yeah!

This show is going to rock your universe. 

Head on over to this link and get your tickets NOW:


The Pan-Galactic Showcase happens May 10th at Zaphod Beeblebrox in Ottawa, right in the middle of the ever-amazing Ottawa Comic Con weekend.