Happy Anniversary Wonder Geeks

Today is the one year anniversary party for my company Wonder Geeks Activate!

Saying I’m a proud papa is an understatement. It’s been a year of great events, fun times, fantastic people and many adventures. There are far too many people to thank who made this trip possible.

As we celebrate tonight I’ll be thinking about the road towards this moment and how we can further improve our little business in our second year. 

The party never stops…and may we keep activating for many more anniversaries.



Podcasting 101 with the Loudest Geeks

Every week I sit down with the boys of the Loudest Geeks in the Room and talk about geeky goings on both locally and in the world of pop culture. This is the first of many videos about the awesome lifestyle of the podcaster.

Be sure to jump on over to http://www.theloudestgeeks.com for weekly podcasts, videos, t-shirts, general tomfoolery and other internet arblegarble.



Welcome new visitors!

There’s cool art and the occasional musing to be found here. You can also find all the other ways to contact me via this site so have at it!

Also be sure to visit wondergeeksactivate.com for all your Wonder Geeks needs!


Page Updates!

I am in the process of linking my personal website here. Due to this I’ve added some galleries here. Click the links above for my Calvin and Hobbes mashup art, my Hello Kitty mashup art and my ultra-detailed super-women and muse art (based on friends and beautiful people I know). Let me know what you think of my work!