Ottawa Comic Con

Ottawa Comic Con

Who knew that there were so many geeks and nerds in Ottawa? No one. That’s why when last year’s inaugural Ottawa Comic Con happened, everyone was shocked that over 20 000 people showed up to see what it was about.
I was at last year’s show and saying it was a tremendous success for everyone involved is an understatement. It was my second most successful show last year, after New York Comic Con. I booked this year’s show back in January and I’m glad I did it early – artist spaces sold out within a week of them being available.
We’re just under two weeks away from this year’s show. This year attendees can look forward to meeting Gillian Anderson (X-Files), Adam West and Burt Ward (1960’s Batman TV show), Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: TNG), Felicia Day (The Guild), Summer Glau (Firefly) and many more celebs. I’ll be back in Artists Alley with a bunch of new art.
In addition to being fancy and selling cool work, I’ll also have some special booth helpers with me. Local burlesque superstars Jolie Stripes and Rhapsody Blue will be helping out during the con AND Toronto’s Professional Distraction, the gorgeous and talented Red Herring will be with me as well. She’ll have posters and tickets to upcoming shows with her – plus she’ll probably pose for a photo with you if you ask nice.
It’s guaranteed to be an amazing time. Don’t miss out.

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