Wonder Geeks Activate!

Wonder Geeks Activate!

Did you know I also do geeky events? I do. Myself and Team Awesome (my staff) organize geeky events within Ottawa. Upcoming we have Wonder Geeks Activate! 2: Activate Harder (happening April 15th – gotta love that poster!); WGA! Presents: Nerdgasm Burlesque (May 8th – right before Ottawa ComicCon) ; WGA! Presents: Super Life Drawing (June 29th at The Comic Book Shoppe) and WGA! Presents: Halloween in July (July 20th at the Arrow and Loon and is exactly what it sounds like).

Go like our facebook page (www.facebook.com/wondergeeksactivate) and follow us on twitter (@wondergeeks) for the best in geeky goodness.

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