Corpsewood – Part 2

It’s Halloween week so I’m posting pages from the one and only comic book project I ever worked on – Corpsewood with Chris Paugh!

Today is page #2. I duplicated the gun hand from right to left (which, as I look at this for the first time in like 5 years is very obviously duplicated). Remember this work was done in 2006-2007 so I was still finding my footing in panel work…anatomy…style…FINE LET’S JUST SAY EVERYTHING.

I am happy with how the gun looks.

Tomorrow…page 3!



Corpsewood – Part 1

Hey kids! Happy Halloween!

Did you know I briefly worked on a real independent comic book? I sure did! It was back in 2006-2007 (possibly also 2008). It was for an anthology comic titled Psychotronic Comix. My instalment was called ‘Corpsewood’ with writer Chris Paugh. We only ever released one issue but it was enough for me to publicly state I was a published comic book artist. Boy, 12-year-old me was just jumping with joy that day.

Since we’re in the scariest season of the year (outside of course for tax time and Valentines Day) I thought I’d share all the pages I’d done for this project. Today you get a two-for-one deal with the cover page and the first page. I’ll post new pages all this week so you too can wonder aloud why I never became a full-time comic artist.


Knight Flight – Then and Now

Way back in 2012 I was still new to the world of painting. I hadn’t really gotten into finer painted detail work but I really enjoyed the size and scope of the results. Being a huge Batman fan (and having found some success with an earlier painting of the Dark Knight (that sold at FanExpo 2012) I took another stab at it. Here was the result:knight-flight

I was happy with it to be sure but as time passed and my skills as a painter grew I started to wonder if I could improve upon the piece. Earlier in 2016 I finally grabbed the painting and starting upgrading it. From that upgrade came this…


To me the difference between the pieces is night and day (no pun intended). The colours, paint lines and tone are vastly superior in the 2016 version. There’s still an undeniable charm in the 2012 version however there’s little contest when it comes to the version most people prefer.

I’ve always believed in revisiting old artworks as time and talent progresses. In fact I’m finishing a Wonder Woman piece now that is an upgraded version of the painting I did in 2011. I’ll be sure to post a comparison here once it is complete.

However you might feel about treading upon older works, it’s obvious that I have no issue here. I do believe the goal is show a progression and maturity to your work, and if you aren’t happy with the results from a previous piece, there’s no rule that says you have to leave well enough alone. For good or ill, George Lucas proved that to all of us.


ETA Awards 2016

I’m super-thrilled to be exhibiting at the Emerging Toronto Artists awards this year!

Happening October 21st at District 28 in Toronto, The ETA Awards are about supporting local artists via events and showcases and also their presence within the city of Toronto.

This will be their third year running a gala event and I’m proud to join a group of amazing talent on the 21st.

For more info and tickets visit them online at

If you attend stop by my booth area and say hey (and buy some art!)



Perfect Organism

I’m a HUGE fan of the Aliens films (particularly the first two – ALIENS holds up as one of the best sci-fi films of all time AND one of the best action films ever made). I’ve drawn the xenomorph before (check out the Fancy Horror series in the links above) so this painting was a natural transition.

I’ve been told to make more work in this style so stay tuned for that in 2017. Maybe a Queen needs to join this warrior…or a Predator…or a Godzilla…

Acrylic on 18×24 canvas



Magnetic Personality

When I got back into drawing in 2002 after about 4 years off, I started with a bunch of X-Men (thanks to the films – one of the reasons I got back into the business of art). One of them was Magneto. I was rummaging through old pieces recently and decided to do an update of my favourite X-Villain.

I don’t do a lot of comic book-styled art but I’ve gotten a strong response every time I do (see – the Spider-Verse piece I did in 2015). I think I might start doing more traditional pencil/ink work if the response continues to warrant the work.

Magneto here is pencil, ink and marker on 8.5×11 cardstock.




Here’s a brand-new addition to my Super-Women series. Storm has always been one of my favourite X-Men. I gave her a new outfit based around some of her previous designs, and kept her bad-ass mohawk. I’ll probably end up doing a few more X-Women for this series given how much I enjoyed working on this one.



Arts Market!

Today I set up my display at one of the coolest places you could ever go, the Arts Market.

For those who don’t know, the Arts Market is a Toronto business where artists of all disciplines and mediums can display their work for sale and showcase in a retail setting. It is an amazing place filled with all manners of products, from greeting cards to photographs, hair bands to belts, soap to jams. There are three locations within Toronto and each one is packed to the gills with spectacular finds.

I’m very excited to have joined this community and I can’t wait for Arts Market customers to see the work I do.

If you live in Toronto head on over to 1114 Queen Street East (in the Leslieville area of the city) and check it out. Also you can walk by any number of film, tv programs and commercials that are regularly filming in that neighbourhood and try in vain to be Pedestrian #3.

Here’s some photos of my display. It will probably undergo regular upgrades as I can’t leave well enough alone.



Cold As Ice

The last (although just for now) in my Gotham Villains series. Mr. Freeze here has elements of his Batman: The Animated Series look with some of my own touches. I got rid of the domed helmet in lieu of the suit generating enough cold to keep his head at the right temperature. I also made his freeze gun smaller.

I’ll definitely return to doing more villains and may even expand to include other comic book and pop culture characters.

Pencil, ink, marker, blender and paint on 8.5×11 card stock paper.



Cold as Ice