Here’s a brand-new addition to my Super-Women series. Storm has always been one of my favourite X-Men. I gave her a new outfit based around some of her previous designs, and kept her bad-ass mohawk. I’ll probably end up doing a few more X-Women for this series given how much I enjoyed working on this one.



Arts Market!

Today I set up my display at one of the coolest places you could ever go, the Arts Market.

For those who don’t know, the Arts Market is a Toronto business where artists of all disciplines and mediums can display their work for sale and showcase in a retail setting. It is an amazing place filled with all manners of products, from greeting cards to photographs, hair bands to belts, soap to jams. There are three locations within Toronto and each one is packed to the gills with spectacular finds.

I’m very excited to have joined this community and I can’t wait for Arts Market customers to see the work I do.

If you live in Toronto head on over to 1114 Queen Street East (in the Leslieville area of the city) and check it out. Also you can walk by any number of film, tv programs and commercials that are regularly filming in that neighbourhood and try in vain to be Pedestrian #3.

Here’s some photos of my display. It will probably undergo regular upgrades as I can’t leave well enough alone.



Cold As Ice

The last (although just for now) in my Gotham Villains series. Mr. Freeze here has elements of his Batman: The Animated Series look with some of my own touches. I got rid of the domed helmet in lieu of the suit generating enough cold to keep his head at the right temperature. I also made his freeze gun smaller.

I’ll definitely return to doing more villains and may even expand to include other comic book and pop culture characters.

Pencil, ink, marker, blender and paint on 8.5×11 card stock paper.



Cold as Ice

Two Sides…

Another addition to my ‘Gotham Rogues’ gallery. This Two-Face is a combo of the animated series look and my own take. I figured Two-Face might have a punk side as part of his alternate persona. I picture him cutting up a suit jacket and a punk jacket and safety-pinning the two pieces together. His shirt is also a safety pin mix of a standard black t-shirt and a dress shirt. His pants would be standard suit pants pinned together with leather pants of course.

This one was fun to do. Lots of detail in the face and arm. Mr. Freeze is coming soon and of course with all my work they are available for purchase so send me an email if you’re interested!



Two Sides

Boldly going where no paintbrush has gone before…

Here’s something I just finished late last night/early this morning and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

I was a huge Star Trek: The Next Generation fan as a…well…human, and I thought it would be cool to do a painting of the Enterprise-D. I’ve done some sketches of Starfleet ships before but nothing with full colour and on a 20×30 canvas so this was definitely a challenge for me. The cropped photo honestly doesn’t do the piece justice. It’s so vibrant. I’ve been tweeting about how I can’t believe that I created this thing but sure enough, I have the lack of paint to prove it.

Now I just need someone to buy it…

“Engage” – acrylic on 20×30 canvas.


Proper Update

New theme, more art, more content.

I’m adding even more art to this page. I’ll also be occasionally posting some articles on my inspiration. Plus the new banner image will not only give you a comprehensive view on just what kind of work I do or can do but also how to find me online.

Let’s do this thing internets!



Sorry! I suck at managing my own page!

I really should update here more often. Eh let’s face it – I really only have this site set up so no one else does in case I DO decide to start posting on my own domain more.

Just in case you do stop by here on occasion, here’s some new/never before posted stuff.

As usual, if you’re looking for regular updates please follow me on Twitter (@adamajtupper) and Instagram (AdamTupper). Also follow my deviantart page (adamtupper.deviantart.com) where all my work is located.

Forever poor at managing his own website…


Sunset dream

Ghoulesque Revue poster

Logan vs TARDIS

Spiders Man

Supergirl 2015

This piece was definitely inspired by JG Jones’ cover from Final Crisis issue #3.

The face ended up looking similar to Katie Cassidy, who plays Laurel Lance (AKA Black Canary) in the tv series Arrow. I noticed it when I completed the work. The face is a composite from a base image of Adrianna Lima with obvious alterations.

I used quite a bit of the model’s hair this time, although altering it from dark to light. Although there’s my own flourish involved the basic shape is essentially the model’s hair, when in most cases I usually craft completely new hair from the base model.

Pencil and blender on card stock.