The art of the revisit

One of my favourite things to do as an artist is revist images done in the past and give them a second look. This may involve adding more pencil lines, inking a penciled piece, adding colour, or in some cases, a complete redo.

Since 2017 began I went back to a few older pieces and added some colour to them. I’ve found my marker colouring skills have improved in the past 24-36 months and wanted to apply these skills to older pieces, in particular these three.

Wonder Woman in particular benefited from the extra coat and has made her way back into regular rotation of prints. There’s still a few older penciled artworks that may yet get a splash of colour.



Happy 2017!

It’s a brand-new year so that means brand-new art! Are you excited because I am excited.

I’m still in the midst of my holiday vacation but that doesn’t mean I’m not working. I have the lofty goal of 40-50 brand-new, non-commission art pieces to complete this year. This is absolutely doable as back in 2012 I had over 60 new art pieces completed. At the apex of this goal I’m looking to have at least one new piece of art, per week, for every week of 2107. I think 52 is a solid goal by the end of the year.

These art projects will run the gamut from paintings to drawings, small to large, crossing multiple mediums. They will consist of the cute, the sexy, the powerful, the horrible, the adorable, the bloody and the lovely. There is a good chance the bulk of these works will be created within the next three months as that is when I have the most free time.

I’ve already started working on new art: watercolours have been added to an inked image from 2016; a brand-new addition to my Hello Kitty series is inked and ready for digital colours; and I’ve started painting the dark lord of the sith himself, Darth Vader.

It’s going to be one hell of a creative year!


Whovian Surprise


So a few weeks ago I was sent a message from a friend of mine stating the above image had come across their Facebook page. They recognized that the art was based on my first Doctor Calvin piece (this one…)

Doctor Calvin
Doctor Calvin 2012

…and if I knew someone was selling these shirts.

I did not. So I messaged the company ( to find out how they got this image since it is so very clearly my work. Unfortunately they did not get back to me via direct message or email. I of course was quite upset, as the shirt link was being shared thousands of times AND liked tens of thousands of times.

I got some of my friends to help me harangue the Whovian Facebook page and send them emails. I also sent my own emails, hoping that we could come to some sort of agreement. Days went by. No word. I was beginning to think I was just another victim in the long, storied history of artists being ripped off by bigger companies.

Lo and behold…I WAS WRONG!

The Whovian staff got back to me (informing me that my initial messages went into spam folders) and said they were send the image by a freelancer. Their legal team was investigating and they’d get back to me as soon as they’d done their due diligence. Less than a week later I was informed that the image was clearly mine and they would credit me AND pay me for my work (if I so desired – they offered to take the image down as well).

Needless to say, this is very rare in the world of art theft. To have a company recognize their error and credit the artist is certainly not the norm. I was shocked and still am.

The shirts/hoodies are still available over at the Whovian Store website for a limited time  so click on the above highlighted section to get yours, fully approved by this very happy artist.

2017 promises to bring more t-shirt designs to the fold so stay tuned for that as well.

Holiday miracles DO happen!



Commissions are OPEN!

It’s the time of the year when everyone is thinking about the holiday season. Some are caught up in the very real depression that comes along with it (not I but it’s real so I’m mentioning it)…some are consumed with getting the right christmas tree…some are sick and tired of having nothing to do on christmas day besides chinese food and movies because they don’t celebrate christmas…and some are contemplating skipping the holidays in their entirety and watching every Marvel film and television series back-to-back from Iron Man 1 all the way to Doctor Strange.

However a lot of people are thinking of gifts for their favourite humans and I’d like to suggest giving the gift of art this holiday season. First off, there are many pre-existing choices for you to peruse (check the galleries on this very site or head on over to for more). Secondly you can totally commission a piece which is even MORE awesome because it’s a one of a kind, unique piece that no one else will have! Included below are some examples of commissions I’ve gotten:

Commissions start around $90 and go up from there. They can be pencil, full colour, paint and appear on paper or canvas. Whatever your non-sexual art dreams are, I can make them a reality. HOWEVER YOU NEED TO ACT NOW!!! Come December 15th I won’t be taking any more commissions for the year so message me right away!

Make the holiday season brighter and less stressful (on both you AND me – sandwiches are expensive these days).



The end of Captain Cal…

When you create new art all the time like I do, occasionally you’ll have to retire certain prints to keep the originality of the image alive. At this year’s FanExpo I noticed a lot of my very popular ‘Captain Cal and the Tiger named Hobbes’ prints were selling, more than the other Calvin & Hobbes art I sell. I started asking a few people what drew them to the piece and it turns out it wasn’t so much Calvin & Hobbes but the Firefly motif.

Firefly was the brief space western tv series created by Joss Whedon in the mid-2000s that garnered a very passionate fan following. It turns out there’s very little Firefly fan artwork or merchandise available anymore. Given the amount of time that’s passed since the series was on TV (10+ years now) and the continued interest from fans in the series, the lack of product is quite surprising.

This lead me to a decision – since this piece has been one of the most popular among my art, and since it’s popular primarily for the Firefly connection, I’ve decided to retire this art piece. I’ve already printed the final run and am already selling it publicly. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. If you love this piece you’d better contact me right away to reserve your own.

“But Adam,” you may be saying, “If Firefly is still popular then why are you retiring this Firefly piece?!? YOU JERKSTORE YOU!” First of all, calm down, nerdlinger…I got you. I’ll be starting a brand-new Firefly-inspired PAINTING in the coming months that will be a permanent part of my artshow prints. I’ll have big and small prints of it available too! I assure you Browncoats…it will be SHINY.

For now I can only say that this piece has been like a leaf on the wind for me. I’ll miss you Captain Cal…you’ll never take the sky from me.




The end of the year approaches. Sure it’s no longer 30 degrees and sunny outside, and sure you have to drag out that old winter coat that’s covered in cat hair because the cat’s been sleeping on it since it fell in the closet back in April, but on the plus side it’s almost time for the holidays! Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa or the time off from work, there’s always something to love about this time of year.

Personally I love the food, light crisp snow, listening to Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters, watching delightful Christmas specials and accepting money for holiday commissions. This year is also the first year I’m rolling out holiday-themed art!


“Silent Knight” – Greeting Card – $6


“Merry Kittymas!” – Greeting Card – $5

These two items can be found at my Arts Market location (1114 Queen Street East in Toronto) and, of course, directly through me. Discount prices on bulk orders!

This year, give the gift of geek. TupperCards – “For all your nerdy sentiments”


Hal-Con 2016


To celebrate, I’ll be at the nerdiest show in the maritimes, Hal-Con Sci-fi Con, happening Nov. 4-6 in my hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia. This bluenoser is thrilled to be headed back to the east coast for fresh sea air and lots of art sales.

I did Hal-Con back in 2014 and it was a smash success. This year I’ll have tonnes of new art to show the hometown crowd and they’ll be amongst the first to see the new Christmas cards I’m rolling out for the 2016 holiday season.

Stop by booth Q7 and say hey/buy art. Travelling from Toronto to Halifax isn’t cheap you know…



Corpsewood – the LOST PAGES

Happy Halloween y’all!

Today we’re looking at the lost pages of Corpsewood, the horror comic by writer Chris Paugh I worked on back in 2007-2008. Although our story only ever got one issue, I completed art for another 10 page story. I penciled all 10 pages and managed to finish most of these 5 pages before I found out the plug was pulled on the project.

The second issue was to tell the tale of how our main character (still can’t remember his name) got arrested and broke out of prison. You see, he and his pregnant wife were vampire hunters that just moved. As they set up their new house, our hero leaves briefly. This is when his wife and unborn child are set upon by…ZOMBIE NAZIS! Our hero returns to find his wife and child are…well, you got eyes don’t ya?

FYI the baby was totally modelled after the Gerber baby, for those old enough to remember what that is.

I’m actually pretty happy with how the art and panelling was progressing for issue 2. I’m sad I didn’t get the chance to finish the story here. On the plus side I got to create a pregnant zombie image that I’ve used in future art pieces and is due to get painted next year.

Hopefully you have a safe and happy Halloween with zero encounters with actual pregnant zombies.


Corpsewood – page 8!

The final panel of the Corpsewood comic that appeared in the Psychotronik Comix anthology book.

I was pretty happy with my sense of space and mood here, and continue to be to this day. I’ve never been very good at environments and it shows in the simplistic composition here. However the image of Jesus with Issah looking at it worryingly is something I think still works.

These 8 pages were the only ones to be published…but there’s a bit more story to tell! I completed a few other pages for the next issue that never saw a release and you’ll get to read them…TOMORROW!



Corpsewood – page 7!

A moody panel for today’s look at Corpsewood, the comic by Chris Paugh and myself.

We get some exposition on exactly why our main character is in jail. In a move of classic foreshadowing, maybe you’ll find out just why our guy here went to jail soon…

I tried to make it look like they were in a confessional. I guess you get that impression, but again I’d make different choices if I were to do this again.

More tomorrow!